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Performance Based Contracting (PBC) Book

With the imminent start of 2018 many of us are thinking about our New Years resolutions, including me. One of my resolutions is to have finished a Performance Based Contracting (PBC) book by 1st July 2018. Having already worked for … Continue reading

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Happy 2017 Holidays to all the Performance Based Contracting (PBC) Blog Readers

At this joyous time of year, we are grateful for the time we can spend with our own friends and family, and we wish you all abundance, happiness, and peace in a New Year filled with hope. Happy holidays!

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Reliability in Performance Based Contracts (PBCs) – Part 2

In the previous article (see Reliability in PBCs – Part 1) we defined how reliability of a system or service could be used in a Performance Based Contract (PBC) including defining whether we were measuring success or failure, and whether … Continue reading

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Reliability in Performance Based Contracts (PBCs) – Part 1

“I can predict things. I can improve the uptime and the reliability. I can intervene and cause a better outcome before there’s a problem. ” Michael Dell In previous articles I described how to consider availability in Performance Based Contracts … Continue reading

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