Mastering PBC – the Book

Having worked and taught Performance Based Contracting (PBC) to both buyers and sellers for over a decade I regularly get people asking me PBC questions such as; what is a PBC and should I use one?  What are the best KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)? What is an Award Term?  How do I best respond to and negotiate a PBC?

As many of you may know, to help answer these, and other questions, a few years ago I created this blog. My aim is to create a not-for-profit PBC Community of Practice (PBC CoP) providing both people new to the field of PBC and experienced practitioners a variety of useful information and a forum to openly discuss this topic.

From the content of this blog, I was encouraged to develop the book, Mastering Performance Based Contracts, by collecting, improving and extending all this information, hopefully creating the first comprehensive PBC Body of Knowledge that people will find useful.

After discussions with the folk from Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) is appears that my book, Mastering Performance Based Contracts, will be available for purchase in Australia via from the 15thNovember 2018.  For other countries, the book should be available now either through the main US portal,, or local version such as, or

While the creation of the book has a been a huge effort, our PBC journey does not stop here as the field of PBC continues to evolve.  As such, look out for additional PBC content on a fortnightly basis including case studies.

I hope you enjoy the book and welcome any and all feedback.