Welcome to 2022! (and a belated Happy Holidays)

I am sure many of you (well the 3 people that read this blog!) have noticed that I haven’t posted anything recently and for that I apologise.  2021 was an interesting year for all of us no matter where you were in the world or what job you were in, and as such, it impacted my ability to write.  However, writing is something I love to do and so in 2022 I intend to restart delivering articles, but also restart the podcasts.  Although my family has asked me to apologise in advance for the podcasts, unless of course you need the help getting to sleep!

I would also like to thank my friend and colleague, Dr John Davies, for continuing to contribute articles to our sister site (the Collaborative Contracting blog) to give those interested in this fascinating and adjacent topic something to think about from a practitioner perspective.

Of course, if there is anything that you want me to specifically cover, please don’t hesitate to ask as I am always keen to help people in their Performance Based Contracting journey and add to the wider community of practice.

Finally, despite everything going on, I sincerely wish you all the joys of the season and happiness all throughout the upcoming year.  I think we have all earned it!

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