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Commercial Special Sauce – Trust

In a recent Commitment Matters article, Tim Cummins said: My hope for 2022 is that the commercial community raises its voice and promotes the ethical standards and supporting systems that alone can move us along the path to making trust-based collaboration a … Continue reading

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Presenting at 2021 Virtual Academic Symposium on “Relational Contracting: Theory and Practice”

I am excited to announce that I will be speaking at tonight’s 2021 Virtual Academic Symposium on “Relational Contracting: Theory and Practice” which is being jointly conducted by The Center for Corporate Reputation at Said School of Business, University of … Continue reading

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Collaborative Contracting . . . the blog

It seems that collaboration is everywhere nowadays.  Whether it is Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber producing a number 1 single, designer Tommy Hilfiger and Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton delivering exclusive clothing lines to Apple putting CarPlay into a variety … Continue reading

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Happy 2018 Holidays to all the Performance Based Contracting (PBC) Blog Readers

2018 has been a remarkable year for Performance Based Contracting. During the past 12 months I have seen PBCs becoming more conventional and mainstream with many discussions within our contract and commercial communities.  Everything from the usual Defence and aerospace equipment … Continue reading

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