Happy 2018 Holidays to all the Performance Based Contracting (PBC) Blog Readers

2018 has been a remarkable year for Performance Based Contracting.

During the past 12 months I have seen PBCs becoming more conventional and mainstream with many discussions within our contract and commercial communities.  Everything from the usual Defence and aerospace equipment contracts, but now extending into areas such as health, consulting and ICT as part of “as-a-service” arrangements.  In 2019, I believe PBCs will become even more common as both buyers and sellers try to maximise the value created by their commercial arrangements; hopefully collaboratively in a win-win scenario!

As for me, I am pleased (and more so my family!) to have finally finished my PBC Book (Mastering Performance Based Contracts).  It was a significant effort to put this together over the past 2+ years in what I hope will help both experienced practitioners and those new to the topic.  In 2019, I can again concentrate on providing regular updates to this blog by providing more detailed discussions and case studies. Furthermore, starting in 2019, together with some friends of mine (Jim Bergmann, Dr John Davies, Michael Frith and Greg Laxton), we’ll together be starting a new blog focused on Collaborative Contracting.

Finally, I hope each of you have an opportunity to have a break.  At this joyous time of year, we are grateful for the time we can spend with our own friends and family, and I wish you all abundance, happiness, and peace in a New Year filled with hope. Happy holidays!

Warm Regards

Andrew Jacopino

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