Welcome to 2020!

For those interested in the topic of Performance Based Contracting (PBC) I wanted to provide my plans for the blog for 2020.

Firstly and most excitingly, in early February 2020 I will be releasing my first “podcast”.  This is a 45-minute introduction to Performance Based Contracting providing time poor readers a quick and simple way of getting to know the topic and the key features.  The only concern will be having to suffer my Australian accent; but hopefully it isn’t too bad for most of you!  From there, every two months I plan to release a new podcast looking in more depth at a particularly interesting topic within the field of Performance Based Contracting.

In addition to the podcast I will continue to release a number of articles on key topics.  Specifically, I intend to examine the following:

  1. Net Promoter Score performance measure
  2. Power-by-the-hour approaches
  3. Customer Experience (CX) approaches
  4. Applying the Information Pyramid to Performance Based Contracting
  5. Designing highly successful qualitative / subjective performance measures

Finally, together with some friends, I will continue to contribute articles to the Collaborative Contracting blog.

Of course if there is anything that you want me to specifically cover please don’t hesitate to ask as I am always keen to help people in their Performance Based Contracting journey and add to the wider community of practice.

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