Performance Based Contracting Book Update

Firstly, sorry for being offline recently.  I have been madly finishing the “Mastering Performance Based Contracts” book which I am pleased to say is undergoing the final touches before release, which is now scheduled for 1stSeptember 2018.

As part of the release of the book I will potentially be in Europe in September 2018 and in the US / Canada in November 2018 to run 1-day and 3-day Performance Based Contracting courses based on the book through the International Association of Contract and Commercial Management (IACCM).  The courses are being offered on both a public and private basis and can be tailored to suit specific audiences.

If you are interested please let me know and I will send you the IACCM point of contact or you can visit the IACCM website.

I will also be back to providing articles on the blog as of next Saturday.

Again, sorry for the absence but hope you enjoy the forthcoming book and courses.

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