Performance Based Contracting (PBC) Training

With the release of my book, Mastering Performance Based Contracts, and in conjunction with the International Association of Contract and Commercial Management (IACCM), I am delivering both public and private Performance Based Contracting (PBC) courses.  The 2 courses on offer are:

  1. 3 day PBC practitioner course – designed for people needing know how to put a PBC together including development of the Request for Tender / Proposal (RFT / RFP), tender response, RFT / RFP evaluation, transition and negotiation.  This course includes a copy of the book.
  2. 1 day PBC contract manager course – designed for people with an existing PBC who need to know how to manage it.

The public courses are scheduled as follows:

  • UK Public dates: 28th January 2019 – 1 day PBC contract manager course and 29th – 31st January 2019 – 3 day PBC practitioner course. The location of these courses are in London.
  • US Public dates: 25th February 2019 – 1 day PBC contract manager course and 26th – 28th February 2019 – 3 day PBC practitioner course.  The location of these courses has not been decided.

For private courses, please contact IACCM directly.  You can get more information from the IACCM Website.  I hope to see you there.

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1 Response to Performance Based Contracting (PBC) Training

  1. ipsenfr says:

    Good Day Andrew! Just saw your IACCM MOOC presentation on PBCs – excellent work (and results I gather)!

    I’ve always been a fan of measuring for outcomes and ensuring both soft and hard measures are in place to help drive behaviours in and around a contract. Where I’ve run into difficulty was ensuring contract changes adequately capture the extension of performance measures into new/additional or removed scope of work. Seems its always a very contentious issue – regardless of what appears to be ‘fair’. What have you seen that you can tell me about?

    Also – very interested in finding out more about your 3-day course. US venue would be closest for me.

    Frank Ipsen, CCMAP
    Ontario, Canada


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