2017 International Performance Based Contracting (PBC) Conference

For those you are not aware, the Australian Department of Defence is holding it’s biannual International Performance Based Contracting (PBC) Conference 2017 from 15–16 May 2017 here in Canberra, Australia. Attendance is free of charge, however, registration is essential and space is limited.  The final date for nominations has been extended until the Close of Business on Monday 8th May 2017.

The intent of the International PBC Conference 2017 is to give a frank and robust forum where government agencies, defence industry members and international partners can discuss the evolution of the current best practice PBCs and how these have shaped positive outcomes for the Australian government and the defence industry. Moreover, attendees will benefit from a comprehensive introduction to the roles that incentive-based contracting, supplier knowledge management or behavioural economics may play in the future of PBC.

While the focus of this conference is the defence sector, many of the presentations and case studies give an excellent introduction and insight into a sector that has been actively using PBCs for over 14 years, spending over AUD$2B per year through PBCs, and has seen the approach evolve over this time noting buyer, seller and user perspectives are represented. Additionally, the international speaker will help highlight how other organisations are approaching this contracting beneficial contracting technique.

If you are interested, for more information, including a copy of the agenda, and the method for registering please visit the Australian Department of Defence PBC Centre of Excellence website.

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