Australian DMO Performance Based Contracting (PBC) Conference

I am pleased to announce the Australian Defence Materiel Organisation (DMO) Performance Based Contracting (PBC) Conference being held in Canberra, Australia over the period of Tuesday 26th to Wednesday 27th May 2015.

The reason for the conference is that as we approach the tenth anniversary of the first edition of the Aerospace Systems Division PBC Handbook in September 2005, it is an ideal time to pause and reflect on where we have come from, where we are and where we may be going in the future.

The aim of the forum is to bring together users, practitioners, policy makers and academics from both Defence and industry to discuss the future evolution of PBC in the next decade via case studies as well as international and academic perspectives.  During the conference, participants will hear from:

  • The DMO executive on their assessment of the current and future state of PBC
  • Project Offices and System Program Offices on their lessons learnt
  • Defence industry on their take on the application of PBC
  • Our international partners on their journey and their vision for the future
  • Academia on what is happening to PBC in the wider context
  • The DMO PBC Centre of Excellence (CoE) on their roles in making this vision a reality.

The conference is being hosted and facilitated by the DMOs PBC CoE and attendance at the conference is free. However, places are strictly limited so bookings will need to be made early noting that where necessary, the DMO PBC CoE may need to prioritise nominations.  You can get further information on the conference at DMO PBC Conference 2015 – Invitation and Brochure.

Kind Regards


Dr Andrew “Jacko” Jacopino
Executive Director, DMO PBC CoE

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